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Revision of old surgeries and deformities to alleviate knee pain

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

One of my patients recently came to my knee pain clinic with an extreme "knock-knee" (vagus) deformity. Her knee pain was the result of an implanted fixation device that had been put in by a surgeon many years ago following a car accident that had severely injured her leg. The deformity led to terrible arthritis in her knee. I'm showing her "before" xray here to get an idea of how detrimental this deformity was to her mobility.

She explained that other surgeons told her they would need to re-cut the bone to remove the fixation device before she could get a much-needed knee replacement that would alleviate her arthritis pain. I was concerned that the re-cutting of her bone and removal of the old implant would have been a lengthy recovery and would have postponed her from getting a knee replacement for more than a year, leaving her to suffer in pain longer than she wanted. My recommendation to her was to not have the fixation device cut out and allow me to do a knee replacement surgery using a minimally invasive technique that spares the quadricep. I would also use the Mako robotic system to achieve maximum alignment in her leg at the same time.

She agreed to schedule the surgery.

The surgery was a success. At 4 weeks following her procedure, she had full range of motion of the knee and was walking without a cane or walker. The "after" xray of her knee showing how both her alignment and her arthritis pain were fixed.

While this is an unusual case, it speaks to the benefits of getting a second opinion and the benefits of using the minimally-invasive, quadricep-sparing techniques and the Mako robotic system to achieve optimal alignment.

To learn more, call my office for a

consultation at (248) 626-0135.

Dr. Robert Ference

Orthopedic Surgeon - Joint Plus Excel

Farmington Hills, MI

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